Series: Guest Preachers

A Good Neighbor

May 21, 2023 | Ron Zeigler

Passage: Luke 10:25-37

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In much of Jesus's earthly ministry, He was challenged in His authority and as to His identity. He was popular among the common people, but the Jewish leaders threatened by His popularity took various opportunities to challenge Jesus by trying to trap Him in His words and hopefully turn the people against Him. But Jesus always had the right answer for all to hear, even when He was asked the wrong question. Jesus uses this parable as He has used other parables to make a significant point and expose the sin in our hearts as we are challenged with our preconceived ideas about God, ourselves, and how we are to live in light of God's glory. Two questions are in play here. What shall we do to inherit eternal life? And who is my neighbor?

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When Pastor Peter is away Second City Church is blessed to hear other men God has gifted to preach.

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