Community Groups

The Christian life is not a life lived in isolation, but it is started and continues in the life of the church and in life together. Our friendship with God begins and grows in our friendships with one another. If you are not currently in a Community Group, please consider joining one of our groups that meet throughout the week and throughout Harrisburg. This is a great way to get to know more people in our church and community.

Midtown @ the Rowans’
Every other Sunday, 7:30 PM
Peter R. – peter@secondcitychurch.orgMidtown at the Gazsis’
Not meeting during the summer months.
Kris G. – (717) 475-9288Midtown at the church
2nd and 4th Sundays, after church
Bruce W. – asiaptm@gmail.comMechanicsburg @ the Prescotts’
Mondays, 7:30 PM
Cathy P. – cpresot@messiah.edu

Children's Ministry

All over the Bible God tells us that Children are a blessing from him. In fact, Jesus tells us that children are a model of faith for adults! We also know that coming to church with little ones can sometimes be a great challenge and that the church together is called to raise children to know and love God. Though children are always welcome in our worship services, we offer a couple ways to care for your children at Second City Church.

Nursery – Our nursery volunteers will care for your children ages 0-2 while you attend the worship service.
Children in Worship – During the sermon time of our worship service, children ages 3-8 are invited to a time of worship and teaching that mirrors our worship and teaching and trains them in the practices of Christian worship.
Youth Bible Study – During the school year the youth of our church gather together for an hour before worship to study the Bible and spend time in fellowship with one another.
For the safety of your children, we require background checks and safety instructions for everyone who volunteers with our children’s ministries.

In addition the ways that we weekly care for our children, we have an annual VBS, occasional gathering for youth and children and we often are led by youth and children in our worship services.

Ministry Teams

We believe that ministry is the work of all of God’s people. Here at Second City Church much of our ministry takes place through our Ministry Teams. Also, much of our fellowship happens through Ministry Teams. One of the best ways to form relationships in the church is by volunteering for one of our Ministry Teams. As we obey Christ’s call to give ourselves for one another, and work together, we come to know each other. If you are interested in getting involved in a Ministry Team, please contact one of our pastors or one of our Ministry Team leaders.

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