Vision & Mission

to Worship God
to Celebrate the Gospel
in Word and Deed
in Harrisburg

Second City Church is a community that exists to worship the Triune God and to celebrate, in word and deed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Harrisburg. Our celebration begins when we gather at God’s table every Sunday. Here we remember the saving acts of God in and through Jesus Christ. Here we praise God for his loyal love, and we are renewed in our hope of redemption.

Our celebration extends into our everyday lives as it continues in community groups that meet in homes in our neighborhoods throughout the week. These groups create space and time for us to pray, learn and eat together. They foster Christian friendship and help us meet one another’s needs in the context of personal relationships.

If our our celebration of Jesus’ good news is authentic we believe it will continue beyond the walls of our sanctuary and our homes and into the lives of our neighbors. That’s why we seek to ‘re-enact’ the gospel through committed, generous and holistic words of grace and deeds of care in our city.

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251 Verbeke St.
Harrisburg, PA 17102

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Sunday Worship Service at 10 A.M.

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