20090426_192The most important thing Second City Church does as a community is worship the living triune God. Worship is what we are created for. It shapes us into the people God created us to be. We meet every Sunday morning and on special occasions throughout the year to celebrate what God has done through Jesus Christ. We believe that when we are gathered for this purpose God is mysteriously with us, renewing his promises of loyal love, inviting us, forgiving us, speaking, listening, feeding and blessing us.

Like every celebration, our worship follows a pattern or liturgy. The shape of our liturgy reminds us every week that our friendship with God is built entirely on his free gift of love to us.  Like the host of a great feast God invites us into his presence. We respond by coming with honesty about who we are and confessing our sin. God assures us of his pardon and peace, offering us ‘robes of righteousness’ in place of our shabby attire. We reply with our joyful songs of praise. God speaks his word to us, telling the family story and renewing his promises. We respond with faith and grateful offerings. God sets the table and invites us to join him there. We respond with thanksgiving, songs of praise, love for the Body of Christ and by eating the feast in faith and peace. God sends us out with his blessing. We respond by pursuing faithfulness wherever he sends us.

Our worship might seem strange if you have just begun to look into Christianity or if you have worshiped in a different tradition. We welcome you to come, “taste and see” no matter where you are spiritually—skeptical, curious or committed. Like any good feast, words don’t do it justice.

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251 Verbeke St.
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Sunday Worship Service at 10 A.M.

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